On to the New – Go That Way!

I’m not generally one to get overly nervous, but pursuing this new avenue, this new direction for what began as a love for the Dirty South has had me anxious the past few weeks for some reason. Maybe because of all of the work put into this endeavor and BLOOP, a change of plans come out of nowhere. Guess if you want to make God laugh, tell God you’re not going to follow where God leads!

As I sought out to add more spotlights for Dirty South Club over the past month, email was beginning to fill up with individuals who wanted to be a part of what I was doing through Dirty South Club, but weren’t particularly in any way affiliated with the Dirty South. Normally, I would have just moved on and said, too bad, so sad. Yet, the more I ignored those emails, the more they began to grow and then the tug came. It’s time for a new direction, it’s time for a redirected purpose. Time for something greater!

After getting all of the admin work done, names cleared, permissions granted and direction solidified, Dirty South Club is now headed in a new direction. A direction to motivate others to lead “their” life of happiness; to define their own success and have a little fun while doing it. The new name is Drty Ones; can’t have a new direction without a new name!

I wanted to share this specifically with those of you who follow the blog. Just didn’t feel right leaving you high and dry without any warning on where the new content and featured profiles will begin to be published.

Thanks to all of you (of course I can see who follows), thanks for riding this far and sharing in this journey with us. I invite you to continue to ride along as we go bigger and have a little more fun with building up people.

Come peep out what we’re doing over at DrtyOnes.com – you won’t be disappointed and thanks again for riding with us thus far kinfolk!!

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