#TBT – Founder of D$C Shares Music Bless My Sole

A good friend of mine has his own radio show and brought to my attention he was playing a song I did years ago for the benefit of a local charity here in H-town. One of the board members here at D$C said we should share that song for Throwback Thursday. I did not agree and did not agree some more and some more and then eventually agreed — so here it is.

I’m not sure if this organization (Shoes 4 School) is still around; however it was an absolute honor to get to do this with the organization, for the cause, and to put something as positive as this in the universe. Enjoy kinfolk!


© 2017 C. Huey for Dirty South Club | D$C

Act Like You Want It

Years ago, I started a small practice as a Certified Life Coach. I’ve always been an adviser of sorts, a motivator, and an encourager. I’ve always had a heart and compassion for people. I’ve always been a cheerleader for humankind and people loved to (and still do) seek me out for advice and encouragement. I figured if I married my love for people and my love for advising, motivating and encouraging together, life coaching should be the end result! Read more dirt…

Soul Music & the South – A Trip to the Stax Museum of American Soul Music

Growing up, music was a huge part of my life. If we weren’t traveling around singing and playing, we were sitting around with family and friends enjoying all the latest hits. There was a huge variety of music that we played and listened to such as gospel, soul, jazz, blues and classic rock.

The music that I remember having the biggest impact on my childhood particularly, was soul and blues. My grandmother and I would spend Saturday evenings sitting in her living room listening to the local radio station do a mix of soul and blues music all night long. I loved those times, hanging out with my grandmother listening to Johnnie Taylor, Bar-Kays and Otis Redding to name a few. Little did I know then that many of the artists that we listened to frequently and that my grandmother loved in particular were artists who were all in the STAX Records family. Read more dirt…

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