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Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy your stay at the club. If you have questions, wish to become a Club Crush or just want to drop us a note on what a good job we’re doing showing the South some love, please do so in the contact form below. Someone will respond to your email within 24-48 hours. Thanks again and don’t be a stranger!


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Are you the next Dirty South Club crush? We want to hear from. We are always looking for those men & women who are driven to be successful and live to be an inspiration for others.

If this is you please contact us in the form below telling us why you want to be a Dirty South Club crush and what your favorite thing about the Dirty South is. If we are crushing on your answers we will contact you.

If you are selected to be a crush we will request your consent to use requested information and 1-2 images that are at least 800 pixels wide. All images must be tasteful and professional looking for our Club Crush features.

Good luck and preciate ya for stopping by kinfolk!


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